March 29, 2020 – Worship Service

The worship service for this week is below.  If you prefer, you can download the same information in a Microsoft Word document. 
Word Document: 032920 Service
Worship Service


As we are continuing to talk about the Holy Spirit, this is a wonderful song to help us center our mind’s attention and heart’s affection on God.  The lyrics are included below the video on the youtube page.
Thanks to Dave Jones for introducing it to me.



Take a few minutes and call someone and let them know you are thinking about them and check in on them.  No.  Really, do it right now.  Reach out to someone whom you haven’t talked to in the last 10 days.  If you are feeling really bold, perhaps you could pray with them before you disconnect.

Scripture – Psalm 33.12-22

Hymn – Holy, Holy, Holy


Special Music

If you wish to make your offering at this time, you can do so at

Hymn – Grace Greater Than Our Sin

Just For Kids
(But Nosey Adults Can Watch Too)


Due to technical issues we do not have a recorded prayer this week.  Spend a few minutes praying to God and asking him to guide your prayers.

Closing Songs

I want to personally thank the team that gathered Thursday evening.  We had a great time, God was there, and they made me feel young.  Thanks for letting me sit in with you.  DBIC, you should be very proud of your young adults.