What comes to mind when you hear “ministry”?
In the early Church, the root meaning pictured someone kicking up the dust as they ran on an errand. Ministry is an action word describing servants of Jesus serving the world and each other. 
DBIC organizes many kinds of ministries in response to needs and opportunities. Some are larger, more permanent structures, others are fluid, lightweight approaches to current situations. Either way, when it comes to ministry impact, we experience God’s blessing both in giving and receiving. Explore an overview of ministries below.


Come, grow in your walk with God, and in knowing and serving others. (college-age and above) Read more>


Our children’s ministry focuses on loving kids and bringing them to Jesus. (nursery to grade 5). Read more>

Congregational Life

As a church family, we enjoy time together and create space for relating, relaxing, and renewing. Read more>
Deacons bless us with support and care, spiritually and in practical ways. Read more>


Love neighbors near and far by praying, giving, and serving. Read more>


Mature in faith and knowledge of Christ and make friends on the journey! (middle and high school) Read more>


We gather around the focus of our worship, offering grateful hearts and Spirit-led gifts. Read more>


You are gifted! And for good reason. To offer your service in an area (or for help discovering your gifts and opportunities), reach out to a ministry leader, team, or pastor any time.