Classes for all ages meet Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:45 am — a great way to stay grounded and nurtured.
Various formats relate to different learning styles and emphasize growing in knowledge, experience, and transformation. 

Combined Children’s Classes and

Junior High and High School Classes

For the month of June, there will be a combined class for all children and youth whose parents are attending the Adult Sunday School class.  It will meet in Room 103.

Young Adults Classes

Young adults have a class in the Orange Room  in the basement.

Adult Classes

Healing Prayer
Come join us as we learn more about healing prayer.
Leader: Brent Whitesal.
Location: Fellowship Hall (Upstairs)
Here are the YouTube links for the videos that Mike Evans ministry created around Learning to do What Jesus did.  We will be using parts of these in SS but will not be able to use all of the content because of the time we have. They would be valuable to watch though.
3.     Part 3 –  how to pray for physical healing:  Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt3 How to Pray for Physical Healing by Mike Evans
4.     Part 4 –  words of knowledge :   Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt4 Words of Knowledge by Mike Evans
5.     Part 5 –  the authority of the believer:  Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt5 The Authority of the Believer by Mike Evans
6.     Part 6 – inner healing and forgiveness: Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt6 Inner Healing and Forgiveness by Mike Evans
7.     Part 7 –  a balanced approach to deliverance :  Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt7 A Balanced Approach to Deliverance by Mike Evans
8.     Part 8 – Spiritual warfare and healing:  Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt8 Spiritual Warfare and Healing by Mike Evans
9.     Part 9 – generational healing :  Learning to Do What Jesus Did pt9 Generational Healing by Mike Evans