Coronavirus Update

Join us for our outdoor worship service this Sunday, September 20 starting at 10:30 a.m.  We will also be webcasting the service live at that time.  The link to that webcast will be available on Sunday morning at .  To open that page you will need the username and password which has been sent to from the Church Office.  If you don’t have that information, contact   We will also be watching the webcast at a fully masked service in the Sanctuary.  For more information about this, visit the Outbreak Response Page.<pre><br></pre>
In order to be a place of healing and wholeness, we will continue to have outdoor worship services (weather permitting) on Sundays and will not be having our regularly scheduled mid-week events for the near future. <pre><br></pre>
You can get more details about this and the other virtual activities that are occurring and the church’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak on the Outbreak Response Page here.   

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