Classes for all ages meet Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00am — a great way to stay grounded and nurtured.
Various formats relate to different learning styles and emphasize growing in knowledge, experience, and transformation. Come early and enjoy coffee & tea in Fellowship Hall East (upstairs kitchen area).

Children’s Classes

Preschool children will have a special Sunday School class just for them.  This will take place in the Toddler Room.  Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade will have a combined Sunday School class which will meet in the Junior Church room (Room 103).

Junior High and High School Classes

Classes for Junior High School students (grades 6-8) will be held in the basement in room B-1. Classes for High School students (grades 9-12) will be in B6..

Adult Classes

January-March 2020
Compass and Light
A documentary film series called “Compass and Light” will guide the class through the topics of anxiety, addiction, bipolar, depression, eating disorders, PTSD & trauma, and suicide.
Facilitators: Kathy Bennett, Ruth Zook, Chou Gabikiny, and Steve Holland
Miracles of Jesus This class will explore the Gospels and look at the ways Jesus healed, provided, calmed, and resurrected. We know Jesus works in miraculous ways, but do we believe he can do it with our own circumstances?
Facilitators: Naomi Smith
Young Adults This is a class for young adults.
Facilitators: Brent Whitesel