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Family Promise Hosting
Sunday August 1 - Saturday August 7

The guests are still staying at the Daycenter, so we only need to provide the meals. There will be 4 adults and 8 children to provide meals for during our hosting week. The signup was created for one person to signup for the meal since it needs to be delivered to the daycenter, but feel free to coordinate with a friend for parts of the meal since it is a bigger group than we've had in a while. Please contact Sarah Hoover if you have any questions. Here's the signup link: 

Doulos Deadline
Sunday August 8

Hymn Sing - green space
Sunday August 8 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
POC Heidi Tucker


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Family Promise

Several times during the year, we join with Family Promise of Harrisburg and the Capital Region to host families in our church.


Times for fellowship and renewal — various retreat formats are designed on a rotating basis.


Summer-time connection for kids. Vacation Bible School invites children into an engaging blend of activities, learning, and experiencing the love of Jesus. This year kids will get to experience an epic quest during Vacation Bible School!

Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, the policy of DBIC is to cancel any morning activities if Northern York School District is on a 2-hour delay.  This would not impact afternoon and evening activities.  All activities will be canceled if the district is closed for the day or dismisses early due to the weather.  If there are activities on the weekends or days when school is not in session, please check for radio and TV (ABC27) announcements or our website for information regarding closures.